• Introduction

    An ISO certified company, professionally engaged in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality Total Water & Waste Water Treatment Chemicals, at cost-effective prices. Ever since our inception, we have been manufacturing Water Treatment Chemicals using good quality raw materials, latest technologies and modern equipment.

    PWT is promoted and managed by a group of field engineers, technicians and chemists, with great experience in different fields. The majority of those chemists and chemical engineers have long experience in handling the chemical treatment for different clients.

    The Company has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008-14001 and 18001 for manufacturing and supplying of Chemicals for Water and Waste Water Treatment and also for Laboratory Testing of Water.

    We are a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of various chemicals for different Water, Effluent and Process Treatment applications.

  • Mission

    We, the PWT team, will excel in providing measurable, cost-effective improvements in output and quality for our customers by delivering customer-specific services and products, and the creative application of knowledge.

  • Motto

    Helping industrials perform even better.

  • Vision

    To be the market leader in manufacturing, selling and service of specialty chemicals for water, treatment solutions with world class quality and global reach.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability means Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

    At PWT Sustainability is measured in all kinds of ways. In the energy we save and the water we conserve, of course. But also in how we touch others. And in how financially responsible we are as an employer, manufacturer, and service provider.

    As applied to our business, we define sustainability principles around the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic performance.

    Through our actions and offerings, we embrace environmental, social and economic practices that benefit our customers, employees, and society as a whole.

    At PWT we believe that improving efficiency in buildings – especially energy efficiency – is the fastest, first, and most important step to meeting our pledge, helping our clients, and performing to the triple bottom line of sustainability. Our experience can help you bring your concepts of sustainability to life in buildings you own or occupy today and may create in the future.

  • Safety

    AS an ISO certified company we understand the inherent risks of our industry. That’s why our Safety & Environmental Department work on risk analysis and planning programs.

    Following strict instructions for the safe operation of our plants and the safe handling of our products.

    Focus on employee health, implementing medical and health testing standard to reduce serious illness in the workplace and the related health care costs.

    Perform site vulnerability analyses to ensure security and reduce the potential for harm to people and the communities we share.

  • Customer Service

    • PWT customer services is about finding ways to be a true business partner, the way we help our customers solving problems, optimize safety, raise efficiency, and increase profitability.
    • And about identifying that gap between where our customers are and where they want to go, working with them to close the gap.
    • building trust, communication, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and a clear focus on results.
    • Our sales and marketing groups strive to differentiate PWT from our competitors by taking a customer intimate approach with them. We focus on supporting broad product ranges, minimizing maintenance lead times, ensuring accurate delivery, and providing professional customer service.
    • PWT provides onsite and offsite service on a variety of water treatment systems Our network of branches and trucks in Egypt and Saudi Arabia mannered by Our highly qualified team of engineers and technicians with highly trained experts in water treatment and water desalination support our customer 24/7 hours and guaranteed supping just on time.
  • Our service principles are

    • Listening to our customers.
    • Customer-specific services.
    • A commitment to continuous improvement.
    • Provide our sales force with market intelligence and tools to improve customer profitability.
    • Best technical support, collecting data before recommending treatment programs and being present during the implementation of our recommendations.