• PWT Provides Services in order to:

    • Ensure the proper application of the treatment.
    • Prevent problems.
    • Ensure the proper operation of systems.
    All service visits to the customers are documented by the service report that includes data and recommendations:

    The services are classified as:

    • “Standard” services provided to all PWT Customers.
    • “Value-added” services provided to customers that have specific problems to solve, or specific plans for improvement.
  • Standard Services

    Standard” services include:

    • Water Analysis and recommendations.
    • Active chemical residual analysis and recommendations.
    • Corrosion rate monitoring.
    • Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria monitoring.
    • Calculation of scaling and corrosion indices.
  • Value-added services

    “Value added” services such as:

    • Cooling tower performance evaluation.
    • Heat exchanger performance monitoring.
    • Legionella (pathogen bacteria) on site determination.
    • Sand filter efficiency evaluation.
    • Boiler efficiency evaluation.
    • Water Management: Evaluation of opportunities in water conservation, reuse and recycle.