• Water treatment technology

    Boiler water treatment:

    The goals of boiler water treatment chemicals are the control of scale, corrosion, and boiler carryover.
    • Scale can lead to reduced heat transfer efficiency, plugged tubes, under-deposit corrosion, and ultimately boiler damage.
    • Corrosion can reduce the operating life of a boiler system (including the condensate system) and increase maintenance costs.
    • Boiler carryover can lead to reduced steam quality and purity and cause turbine damage.

    Cooling water treatment:

    The goals of cooling tower water treatment programs are the control of scale, corrosion, microbiological activity, and fouling.
    • Scale can lead to reduced heat exchanger performance, plugged tubes, inadequate flow, and under-deposit corrosion.
    • Corrosion can reduce the operating life of cooling equipment and increase maintenance costs.
    • Microbiological activity can reduce heat exchanger performance, plugged tubes, inadequate flow through the cooling tower fill, under-deposit corrosion, etc.
    • Fouling can reduce heat transfer efficiency, plugged tubes, under deposit corrosion, etc.
  • Desalination

    Membrane Desalination (RO):

    The goals of the treatment are:
    • To prevent scaling on the membrane.
    • To prevent microbiological fouling on the membrane.
    • To protect the membrane from free chlorine.
    • To preserve the membranes when not in use (long term storage).

    Thermal Desalination:

    The goals of the treatment are:
    • To prevent scaling on the heat exchange surfaces.
    • To clean the membrane from inorganic deposits.
  • Hotels, Resorts, and swimming pools care


    There’s nothing more inviting than a clear, clean swimming pool or spa. Keep it that way, with proven water treatment solutions from PWT.

    Our full range of products will help keep water clear, surfaces clean and equipment functioning smoothly all season long. And that means you can reduce the time and effort required for pool maintenance, help ensure high pool user satisfaction and lower your overall costs.

  • Marine cleaning &Maintenance care

    PWT is a specialist chemical producer and supplier of marine chemicals and tank cleaning services for the Marine Industry.

    Our focus and differentiation lies in our expertise on scale &rust remover, corrosion treatment, fuel oil treatments, tank cleaning chemicals.

    As specialists in marine chemicals, we are committed to provide innovative, eco-friendly products, to ensure environmental safety to comply with the latest standards of the Maritime World.

    PWT biodegradable descaler is specifically designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, lime scale, mud and rust deposits from virtually any piece of water-based equipment. Our innovative water scale remover is non toxic, non hazardous and biodegradable making it safe for equipment. For applications in heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, pumps, cooling towers, boilers, tubes, pipes; or any equipment that comes in contact with water; PWT is the descaler of choice.

  • Pretreatment Equipment

    PWT is a supplier of extensive range of water treatment plant and equipment including demineralizers, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and chemical dosing systems.

    Reverse Osmosis Systems:

    Whether you need an RO system to treat sea water or brackish well water, PWT can engineer and supply the complete system including filters, chemical dosing and RO technology using high quality components.

    Water Softener Systems:

    • Water softener installation, servicing and maintenance.
    • Water softener resin replacement.
  • Commercial Chemicals

    With an ISO certifications audit and analytical, we guarantee and supply wide range of commercial chemicals to customers in different applications.

  • Laboratory Services

    • PWT laboratory has a complete range of innovative chemistries for the treatment of boiler, cooling, and wastewater systems. Our programs are designed to meet your goals of operating efficiency, and total cost optimization while complying with all environmental and safety regulations.
    • The technical services laboratory provides analytical and technical support.
    • The quality control laboratory tests and certifies each production batch to insure the products will perform as specified.
  • Services

    PWT has been committed to the idea that chemistry not only solves problems but also creates new opportunities. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to gaining a deeper technical understanding of the products our customers make and the industries in which they work.

    Our objective is to produce a straightforward solution to any challenge using, amongst other things, ISO quality assurance. We have the experience, the technologies, the formulations and the expertise to ensure you get the right treatment every time.

  • Chemical blending services

    Would you like to supply a full range of cost-effective chemical products with your own label on the drum?

    Our extensive, flexible manufacturing capability means that we can either manufacture to your specification or supply ready-formulated products ideally suited to the needs of you and your customers.

    Our flexible approach, innovative products and unparalleled technical support makes us an ideal supply partner for the water treatment professional.


    • Extensive product range.
    • Toll Blend capability
    • Cost-effective.
    • Private Label design and printing.
    • Delivery service under your name.
    • Flexible manufacturing and packaging options.
    • Confidentiality – we respect your confidentiality and we don’t compete with our customers.
    • Laboratory and Technical Support.
    • ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 accredited.